27 June 2024

Enlightening webinar on avoided emissions With Carbon4 Finance and the Net Zero Initiative

What are avoided emissions?

An avoided emission is the difference in the level of emissions induced by a solution compared with a reference scenario that would have occurred in the absence of the solution.

In this new webinar on this subject, the Carbon4 finance team will be supported by the Net Zero Initiative led by Carbone 4.

After a presentation of the Carbone 4 Group and its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the Net Zero Initiative (NZI), will explaining this macro concept and illustrating its application to a specific company.

Following this, Carbone 4 Finance will detail its contributions to sustainable finance and the CIA methodology for calculating avoided emissions, focusing on sectors with the highest and lowest levels of avoided emissions, while ensuring data confidentiality.

Of course, we will conclude with a Q&A session, offering you the opportunity to engage with the speakers on the topics discussed.

We hope to see many of you !

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