12 March 2024

Webinar - The oil sector:towards the last drop?

On Tuesday March 12, the carbon4 finance team was delighted to showcase its latest publication "The oil sector: towards the last drop?"

 The oil and gas industry, vital for our economy for over a century, fuels various sectors reliant on hydrocarbons. However, with rising emissions exacerbating the climate crisis, drastic reduction in hydrocarbon production by 2050 is imperative. 

Despite this urgency, companies remain largely unambitious in emission reduction targets, while the sector’s profitability and reliance on short-term gains hinder transition efforts. 

It is essential that a large proportion of the reserves remain in the ground and in this context, financial players have a key role to play – that of directing financing towards companies which have begun their energy transition. 

This is the aim of the CIA methodology, which distinguishes between companies that are ambitious in their strategy, and those that are less so. 

During the webinar, Adriaan and Melissa presented the methodology as well as the results of the research paper published in January 2024.

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