15 November 2023

Feedback Webinar on TNFD Compliance!

On November 15th, Carbon4 Finance was pleased to present a webinar to highlight the latest updates in sustainable finance. Melissa Perez of Carbon4 Finance, Sandrine Nguiakam from Amundi and Julie Bonnet from CDC Biodiversité detailed their work and the innovative solutions that the BIA-GBS database offers in response to Article 29 and the TNFD pilots. 

Main topics of the discussion: 

- What's new in the BIA-GBS methodology? 

- How is double materiality integrated via the dependency score?

 - How does the BIA-GBS database respond to Article 29 and TNFD pilot projects? 

The video is now online on youtube. A perfect opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of responsible financial practices!

Watch the replay

Read the presentation

Portrait of Sandrine Nguiakam
Sandrine Nguiakam
Portrait of Julie Bonnet
Julie Bonnet
CDC Biodiversité