14 March 2023

Breaking news – Sustainable Finance

What’s new in sustainable finance?

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To prevent European companies from relocating their activities, and to compete with the American Inflation Reduction Act, the European Commission is paving the way for a subsidy race for low-carbon technologies.

The European Commission plans to include aviation in the list of activities eligible for the taxonomy's green label, under certain conditions. The draft delegated act detailing these conditions will be published shortly.

The AMF’s Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission formulate five recommendations to change the current framework on climate resolutions and make it more constraining.

The Bank of England publishes a report on climate-related risks and declares that it will “continue to explore how climate risks can be calibrated within the timelines embedded in existing capital frameworks.”

To the question : Which news do you find the most important ?

  • 43% have responded : Subsidies and low-carbon tech
  • 30% : Taxonomy&Aviation
  • 18% : AMF's and Climate Resolutions
  • 10% : Bank of England and Climate Risk

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