9 June 2023

Breaking news – Sustainable Finance

What’s new in sustainable finance?

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New French government advisory body report suggests investing 66 billion euros per year until 2030 to finance the transition of the French economy. More debt and taxes on the highest incomes are the solutions put forward by the report.

A cross-country evaluation of banking risks in the aftermath of climate and environmental hazards led by three World Bank financial economists shows persistent negative effects on loans and other variables specifically in high-income countries.

European Supervisory Authorities – released a report to better define what greenwashing is and therefore better warn on risks. Defining greenwashing as “misleading to consumers, investors, and other market participants”, ESA’s work aims at finding preliminary remediation action.

To the question : Which news do you find the most important ?

  • 40% have responded : Greenwashing EBA,ESMA,EIOPA
  • 35% : Banking Risks and climate
  • 25% : French investments

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