29 June 2023

ICT: a sector disconnected from the climate reality?

  • With nearly 3.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, the ICT sector significantly contributes to global warming.
  • Steadily growing - especially over the last 10 years - the ICT sector could account for 7% of global emissions by 2025 if no efforts to curb emissions are made.
  • Given the unsustainability of the sector on the long term, Carbon4 Finance offers to assess transition risks for 67 digital companies using the bottom-up CIA methodology.
  • In the context of the publication of the research paper “ICT : a sector out of touch with climate issues”, Charles Dowlat, Carbon4 Finance carbon analyst specialised in the digital sector, has explained the carbon performance of various companies in the information and communication technologies sector during this webinar.

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