22 February 2022

The finance industry's carbon footprint

February 15th

Organized by CFA Society France and Natixis, the finance industry's carbon footprint Conference was an opportunity to talk about carbon accounting, and what financial institutions can do regarding the climate issues

A panel of experts discussed the challenges of carbon emissions and how the banking industry could/should take them into account.

  • Jean-Marc Jancovici (Founding partner of Carbone 4) first presented the different climate scenarios that he transcribed into carbon emissions. He set the limits and defined what action the human being should take in the next 50 years in order to reduce its impact significantly.
  • Melissa Perez (Business Development Manager at Carbone 4 Finance) then shared with us the methodology for measuring carbon emissions so that banks can integrate it when assessing the temperature of banking books.
  • Karen Degouve (Climate Director of the French Banking Federation - FBF) focused the debate on how banks take the issue into consideration and gave us a broad perspective on the banking industry.
  • Orith Azoulay (Global Head of Green & Sustainable Finance of Natixis CIB) closed the debate by presenting the Green Weighting Factor as the tool allowing Natixis to manage our financing activities according to the carbon trajectory of investments.

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