28 October 2022

Article 29: new requirements and new ambitions for 2023

October 28th

11 am - 12:30 pm


During this webinar, Carbon4 Finance reviewed the past year’s Article 29 report with regulators and discuss the new requirements for the upcoming 2023 report.

This was an opportunity for investors to get an update on Article 29, and to discuss with the regulators:
▶️ What has been the track record of Article 29 reporting for 2022?
▶️ How can investors equip themselves for the upcoming Article 29 report?
▶️ What is the level of ambition expected by regulators in 2023?

This webinar featured Mr. Arthur Campredon, in charge of responsible finance at the French Treasury Department (DG Trésor).

Carbon4 Finance and CDC Biodiversité explained how investors can conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and comply with biodiversity and climate regulatory frameworks using the comprehensive Article 29 offering.


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