More than ever, going beyond short-term management is becoming a necessity in a world in the midst of physical, economic and regulatory upheavals induced by climate change and biodiversity decline. . Our climate, physical risks and biodiversity solutions can be used either on their own or combined, to help you better understand your investment from a climate and biodiversity point of view and to provide you tools and knowledge for your dialogue with the company.

Key features

Direct contact and support from a Carbon4 Finance analyst

To ask directly your question on the methodology and the quantitative results and forward-looking analysis on a specific name.

In-house sectoral research

Published periodically on our website but also with more details from our data to our clients allowing them to better understand the high key stakes and actors for each sectors.

Specific training offer

For all of your employee on the stake of climate change and on the methodology building your expertise to engage a dialogue.

Your needs

For asset
Willing to have have qualitative data,training and expert support for their stewardship strategy.
For investor
Willing to identify with our top/worst contributors in terms of environmental risk/pact to chose their stewardship targets.
Willing to have qualitative data to compare the different actors and engage dialogue with them.

Track Record

Vontobel Quality Growth Boutique

Since Septembre 2021 Vontobel's Quality Growth Boutique is using BIA-GBS database to assess the biodiversity impact of its portfolio with a broad global coverage and to engage dialogue with their portfolio companies using BIA-GBS granular results on pressure and impact.

Sudhir Roc-Sennett, Head of ESG and Thought Leadership at the Vontobel Quality Growth Boutique said, “We are excited that Carbon4 Finance and CDC Biodiversité have built this important database. It provides us a lay of the land of biodiversity impact across countries and sectors, as well as at the company-specific level. We are delighted to facilitate their entry into the United States.”


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