Climate and Biodiversity data integration

More than ever, going beyond short-term management is becoming a necessity in a world in the midst of physical, economic and regulatory upheavals induced by climate change and biodiversity decline. Our methodologies can be used to develop holistic or sector-specific sustainable investment strategies. Our climate, physical risks and biodiversity solutions can be integrated either on their own or combined, to cater for you unique needs.

Key features

Lifecycle support

Beyond construction, we provide full lifecycle support for your integration relying on a team of 20+ analysts.

Relying on industry

Leading methodologies covering climate, physical risks and biodiversity impacts.

Tailor-made solution

Powered by robust data, encapsulating a wide range of metrics matching your objectives.

Your needs

For Central
and private Banks
Willing to embed climate and biodiversity data into your risk rating assessment.
For asset
Willing to incorporate our data into their own proprietary research to have more enriched information about their investment.
For fintech
Willing to integrate climate, biodiversity and/or physical risks data. directly into their system to construct an impact-driven offer.

Track Record


Rift and Carbon4 Finance started collaborating even before the launch of the application to identify the most relevant and understandable environmental indicators, in order to allow any non-professional investor to understand the impact of their savings and realign them with their values. Today Rift and Carbon4 Finance are collaborating on physical risks, carbon footprint of portfolios and are finalizing the implementation of the biodiversity footprint for all life insurance products and bank savings.


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