The Biodiversity Impact Analytics powered by the Global Biodiversity Score™ (BIA-GBS) allows to measure the biodiversity impact of companies. Investors can identify biodiversity hotspots in their portfolios and use biodiversity impact data for decision making and to engage with key stakeholders. By offering large-scale biodiversity data, BIA-GBS™ supports the transition of the financial sector to align with international targets and reduce the impact from multiple pressures on biodiversity, including Climate Change.

Key features

CDC Biodiversité Partnership : Climate and Biodiversity expertise combined

CDC Biodiversité is a private subsidiary of the Caisse des Depôts Group, the largest French public financial institution. Besides having a history as a biodiversity offset operator, CDC Biodiversité is involved in a leading biodiversity institution, focusing on biodiversity economics, biodiversity financing mechanisms and natural capital. CDC Biodiversité expertise and Carbon4 Finance climate data naturally complement each other.

The Global Biodiversity Score (GBS™), an industry-leading tool

The Global Biodiversity Score (GBS™), an industry-leading tool The Global Biodiversity Score (GBS™) is a tool to measure the biodiversity impact of companies, linking economic activities and major pressures on biodiversity, to offer a clear and integrated vision of the biodiversity impact of companies and investments throughout their value chain.

Biodiversity impact metrics on portfolio and company level

Biodiversity footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3) calculations using different, meaningful and comprehensible units.

Risk management: flag potential biodiversity hotspots

BIA-GBS™ helps you identify critical biodiversity hotspots, such as areas, sectors, companies or specific pressures that drive the biodiversity impact of your portfolio.

Compliant with highest ESG reporting standards

BIA-GBS™ is compliant with leading regulatory standards such as article 29 of the French energy and climate law. It is designed to align with upcoming requirements of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosure (TNFD).

Technical support and biodiversity data training

Training by the GBS™ team, to improve your understanding of the BIA-GBS™ methodology. A dedicated team of more than 20 analysts will provide you technical support and biodiversity data training to help you understand results and take actions.

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Comprehensive biodiversity footprint indicators on different levels

Using our granular biodiversity data will allow you to calculate your biodiversity footprint on different aggregation levels, enabling precise biodiversity impact reporting and informing your investment strategy.

Covering 4 out of 5 IPBES drivers of biodiversity loss

We consider 11 major terrestrial & aquatic biodiversity pressures, including land use change, wetland conversion, hydrological disturbances, climate change, encroachment. Those 11 pressures cover 4 out of 5 drivers of biodiversity loss identified by the IPBES (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services).

Impact for each scope (1, 2 and 3)

In line with reporting on climate change and GHG emissions, we distinguish the biodiversity impact on Scope 1 (direct), Scope 2 (indirect, energy consumption) and Scope 3 (indirect, others upstream and downstream).

Absolute biodiversity impact

Measure your impact in MSA.km2 for each biome (aquatic and terrestrial). MSA.km2 is a surfacic biodiversity intactness indicator, which is used to evaluate static (historic) and dynamic (year-on-year) impacts. Static and dynamic impacts are aggregated in MSAppb* for easier comparison amongst portfolios and constituents.

Intensity biodiversity impact

We provide impact intensities expressed in MSAppb* per EURm of revenue, or MSAppb* per EURm invested in the portfolio or individual constituent.

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100,000+ securities analyzed

We cover most asset classes (Listed corporates, Sovereign bonds, Loans), leveraging on a comprehensive methodology

Global coverage 4,000+ entities & 100,000+ securities analyzed

Asset classes: Listed corporates (equities & bonds), Sovereign bonds, Green bonds, Loans

60+ Sectoral Methodologies Listed corporates (equities & bonds),Sovereign bonds, Green bonds, Loans

Bespoke analysis upon request

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powerful analytics platform

Giving you an at-a-glance overview of your portfolio performance to navigate risk and identify opportunities, while meeting reporting standards.


Carbon4 Finance enables us to offer the first life insurance portfolios aligned with the Paris Agreement.
Joseph Choueifaty
The stakes are high: it is a question of bringing simplicity, clarity and transparency to the financial sector, which is today opaque and complex. With Carbon4 Finance, we wanted to meet this challenge.
Léo Garnier
General manager
We are excited that Carbon4 Finance and CDC Biodiversité have built this important database. It provides us a lay of the land of biodiversity impact across countries and sectors, as well as at the company-specific level. We are delighted to facilitate their entry into the United States.
Sudhir Roc-Sennett
Head of ESG and Thought Leadership

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