11 July 2022

Virginie Wauquiez appointed Managing Director of Carbon4 Finance

Paris, July 7, 2022 - Carbon4 Finance, a leading French climate and biodiversity data provider for the financial sector, announced the appointment of Virginie Wauquiez as Managing Director. This appointment took effect on July 4, 2022. 

Virginie Wauquiez, who brings a wealth of experience from the banking and corporate consulting sectors, is responsible for developing Carbon4 Finance's business and its climate and biodiversity solutions for financial actors. Carbon4 Finance's data and methodologies enable financial institutions to measure the carbon and biodiversity footprint of their asset portfolios, assess their alignment with a Paris Agreement scenario and measure the impacts of events related to climate change and biodiversity loss. Virginie Wauquiez will now lead the Carbon4 Finance team of about 30 analysts who have developed an in-depth expertise in the various sectors of the economy with regards to climate change and biodiversity.

"We are very pleased to welcome Virginie Wauquiez as Managing Director of Carbon4 Finance. Virginie brings with her impressive knowledge from the financial sector, acquired mainly  within an international bank, and extensive expertise in the field of risks and regulatory frameworks. This is a valuable asset for accelerating the development of Carbon4 Finance and its contribution to the integration of climate change issues into the investment strategies and reporting of financial institutions," summarize Carbone 4's three partners, Alain Granjean, Jean-Marc Jancovici and Laurent Morel.

Biography of Virginie Wauquiez

Born in 1971, Virginie Wauquiez began her career in 1994 at Crédit Commercial de France (which became HSBC in 2000), in investment banking and capital markets, where she was Head of Bond Origination for three years before becoming Director of structured Asset Finance for 10 years. Virginie then created a consulting business for large companies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility as founder of the company AREMA Conseil. 

In 2009, back at HSBC, she joined the Continental Europe Strategy Department and was appointed Corporate Secretary and Head of Risk Strategy in 2011, where she led strategic, operational and regulatory transformation projects until 2020. 

Prior to joining Carbon4 Finance, Virginie coached financial sector and fintech executives as a founding executive of Qwanta (2021 to June 2022).   



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