job offer
4 October 2023

Carbon4 Finance - Senior data analyst - Climate and biodiversity

Carbon4 Finance is a provider of climate and biodiversity data solutions for the financial sector.
We offer a comprehensive set of data covering physical and transition risks, as well as biodiversity footprint. These methodologies enable the financial sector to measure the carbon and biodiversity footprints of their portfolios, assess alignment with a 2°C scenario and measure impacts linked to climate change and biodiversity loss.



Climate change will have a major impact on the activities of all companies, leading to profound changes in their risk profiles. The financial sector is currently seeking to understand and integrate these issues.

As part of Groupe Carbone 4, a leader in energy transition and adaptation to climate change, Carbon4 Finance (C4F) provides financial institutions with the climate and biodiversity data solutions they need to assess these new corporate risks, comply with regulatory declarations (TCFD, art.29 LEC) and build the "low-carbon" investment or financing strategies desired by investors.

With around thirty analysts currently working for the company, Carbon4 Finance is enjoying strong growth and has major ambitions for its business in France and abroad.


Our missions

The 5-person "Data" department is responsible for structuring, managing and maintaining proprietary databases and production processes for climate and biodiversity data supplied by Carbon4 Finance. It manages the implementation of Carbon4 Finance's proprietary methodologies on its various products and supports the team on Data issues.

Carbon4Finance is recruiting a Senior Data Analyst to accelerate product development, technical implementation and process optimization. Reporting to the Head of Data, you will be responsible for the management and technical development of one or more climate and/or biodiversity data solutions. You will also contribute to projects led by the sector to improve the performance and quality of our products and processes. Capable of supporting data users and interacting with technical teams (Data Engineer, developers), you will be a real driver of recommendations and a pillar for developing the skills of more junior profiles.


As such, your main missions will be as follows :

-You will contribute to the development, management and maintenance of the Data Production tools and processes.
-You will work with the Methodology department and the team of analysts to implement Carbon4Finance's methodology in data transformation scripts, and with the Product and Sales teams to make data available and accessible to users.
-You will design the corresponding Data solutions, taking into account constraints and with a good knowledge of existing practices and tools.
-You structure the data produced via production pipelines, define a data quality control system, ensure its implementation and reliability. -You identify source data, and collect, clean and prepare it for transformation. With the support of the technical teams, you work on automating the data processing processes.
-You develop and document your transformation scripts and analyses (data sourcing, documentation of data models, hypotheses and analytical methods) in compliance with the standards applied within the Data sector, and keep the Data knowledge base up to date for internal and external use. You monitor existing processes, anticipate impacts and organize maintenance and support.
-You keep a close watch on Data issues, and contribute to process improvement and the development of new data solutions by being a driving force behind proposals.
-You are involved in mentoring junior data analysts. You are an active member of the Data sector, sharing your experience and creating synergies on common issues. You contribute your experience and expertise to the definition of tools and best practices, and support their implementation within your field.


Profile required :

-You have at least 5 years' experience in data analysis, data science or data engineering, where you have developed your skills in data extraction and transformation using code-based tools, as well as in data exploration and visualization (Tableau Software or a similar tool), with a keen understanding of the operational issues associated with your data solutions.
-You have an analytical mind. You understand the challenges of quality, rigor and optimization, and you adapt your work to these issues efficiently.
-You have a thorough understanding of data manipulation and transformation using SQL and Python. You are autonomous in the extraction (scraping, API), integration (definition of data models and management rules, database cleansing and relations) and exploration of complex structured and unstructured data.
-You are particularly sensitive to energy-climate and biodiversity issues, and are keen to discover the different methodologies used to assess the environmental performance of companies, particularly in terms of transition risk, physical risks and risks linked to the erosion of biodiversity.
-You enjoy working in a young, collaborative and fast-developing environment. You are proactive and impact-oriented. You enjoy implementing and sharing best practices with your colleagues.
-You are fluent in French and at ease in English.
-You have a good ability to synthesize information and are a good listener and communicator, enabling you to interact with both technical (IT teams) and non-technical (sales teams, users) audiences.

The icing on the cake :

-You have initial experience in managing and supporting junior data analysts.
-You have a good understanding of IT infrastructures for data management, and you have good knowledge and experience in the use of tools related to the creation of production pipelines (Airflow, dbt...).
-You have Data-Science skills and master basic statistical methods (descriptive analyses, classifications, sampling, statistical tests).

Faced with the challenges of climate change and pressures on biodiversity, the men and women of Carbone 4 have set themselves the mission of making a significant contribution to the energy transition through their influence and action in all areas of society and the economy. The candidate is expected to share these values and ambitions.