The Company

Our common objective since 2007: guide our clients in understanding tomorrow’s world.

Constantly on the lookout for weak signals, we take a systemic view of the energy-climate issue, and are committed to assisting the necessary technical transformation of society.

We put our rigour and creativity to work to transform our clients into leaders in the climate challenge and bring on board actors on the road to change.


Founded in 2007 by two experts of the energy-climate issue, Jean-Marc Jancovici and Alain Grandjean - joined in 2017 by Laurent Morel - Carbone 4 is the reference consultancy regarding energy and climate challenges.

Its name refers to the objective in France to divide GHG emissions by a « factor of 4 » by 2050 in comparison to 1990.

Our vision :

  • Climate change and the rarefaction of resources are major factors that shake the solidity of societies. This context generates collective responsibilities and obligations, and it is also a potential source of dynamism.
  • Future scenarios vary greatly depending on the trajectories we take in the coming years.
  • The companies that will exist and succeed tomorrow are those that integrate the issues of energy and the climate at the heart of their business model as from today, make enlightened decisions based on economic and physical indicators, and place on the table resources and skills that match the stakes in play.
  • This new context entails going beyond short-term management, leaving the horizon of business as usual, and developing a strategic vision aimed at increasing resilience and adaptation, while contributing to the collective effort to reduce emissions.
An overview of Carbone 4 Group

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The team

The Carbon4 Finance team is composed of passionate and expert individuals driven by values of commitment, integrity, audacity, and fun.

Our common goal is to guide our clients in understanding the world that is taking shape and to support the finance sector in rapidly and massively addressing the climate and biodiversity issues.