15 February 2024

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England launches biodiversity credit scheme mandating 10% net gain in habitat for all new construction, pioneering a comprehensive approach with international interest, while facing challenges in enforcement and monitoring.

Investment groups urge EU to delay changes in SFDR. On the 4th of December, the EBAs published in a report their recommendations on updated PAIs in the SFDR.
In that regard, European investment groups advocate delaying changes to the SFDR, cautioning against risks to investor confidence and disclosure reliability, urging coordinated review and holistic reconsideration by the European Commission.
In the context of the Kunming-Montreal Agreement and the need for urgent action to address biodiversity loss, the GBS emphasize collective responsibility and the need for coordinated efforts between governments and private sectors, utilizing frameworks like the ESRS and the Global Biodiversity Score to drive measurable change towards sustainability. It published a new paper on its main tool, the GBS.

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