16 April 2024

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The TPT has published sector guidance to complement the TPT Disclosure Framework. This document offers transition plan guidance for 30 financial and real economy sectors, providing a concise overview including recognized decarbonization levers, metrics, targets, and key guidance sources. Seven sectors lack a Sector Summary, as they are covered by deep-dive guidance from the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT): Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Banks, Electric Utilities & Power Generators, Food & Beverage, Metals & Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Finance Watch advises insurers to create transparent transition plans addressing climate risks. With the Solvency II revision mandating such plans, Finance Watch stresses the importance of reducing emissions and ensuring long-term sustainability. Insurers face societal pressure to stop backing high-risk projects, emphasizing the need for comprehensive risk assessment for financial stability amid climate challenges.
Clarification statement to the SBTi Board of Trustees Statement on use of environmental attribute certificates, including but not limited to voluntary carbon markets, for abatement purpose limited to scope 3 - April 12 2024

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