18 January 2024

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At Davos, the first investors and companies adopt the TNFD framework on nature.
106 financial players and 178 companies have committed to publishing information on their impact on nature, some as early as this year. 9 are French companies.

France issued its fourth green bond, raising €8 billion at a 3% coupon with a maturity date in 2049. Led by a syndicate of banks, the issuance attracted strong demand, exceeding €98 billion. The bonds play a vital role in financing France's ecological initiatives. Allocation was diverse, with significant interest from European investors, supporting the country's green objectives under the Paris Agreement.

PCAF announced its 2024 focus on refining greenhouse gas accounting methods for the financial sector. They will develop methodologies for transition finance, green finance, GHG inventory fluctuations, and additional insurance and securitized products. Future exploratory work will include consumer finance, emissions derivatives, embodied carbon in real estate, and municipal bonds. PCAF aims to enhance global standards for climate disclosures and risk management in finance.

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