Sectorial KPIs

6 March 2018

Your needs

  • You want to use relevant and reliable company data to implement your climate policy (investment or exclusion criteria involving weighting of certain activities, etc.).
  • You want to identify the share of your investment portfolio that is green or climate-friendly with a unified methodology.

Our solution

We operationalise your climate policy by directly screening corporates within a defined investment universe that align with custom investment or credit policies.

We filter your investment or credit portfolio to flag corporates based on defined KPIs (green share, activities with strong positive or negative climate impacts, etc.).


Bottom-up analysis

The Carbon4 Finance research team reviews individual constituents within a broad range of corporates and sovereigns.
Our analysts are specialized by sector and can therefore calculate and verify sector-specific, company-level data.

Independent and reliable supplier

Carbon4 Finance is a climate data supplier with private and stable ownership that guarantees its independence.
Carbon4 Finance has no advisory business with issuers and therefore has no conflict of interest with corporate assets.



high-stakes sectors analysed on a bottom-up basis


individual company-level, sector-specific data items that can be used to develop exclusion or financing policies