Nomination of Marie-Anne Vincent, Head of Business Development

25 March 2020

Carbon4 Finance is pleased to announce the nomination of its new Head of Business Development

Marie-Anne Vincent joins Carbone 4 group and is appointed Head of Business Development of Carbon4 Finance.

Marie-Anne has a strong experience in the finance industry, working various positions in the banking sector. She was Sales Manager at BNP Securities Services, where she first had the opportunity to discuss climate issues with institutional clients for their ESG reporting needs.

As a senior executive of Carbon4 Finance, Marie-Anne will accelerate the development of carbon data solutions for the financial sector, based on Carbon Impact Analytics and Climate Risks and Impact Screening methodologies.

Thanks to Marie-Anne’s 15 years knowledge of the financial sector, Carbon4 Finance will be able to serve the growing needs of financing institutions for reliable and in-depth climate data.


About Carbon4 Finance

Carbon4 Finance was founded in 2015 to provide climate data solutions based on the methodologies developed by Carbone 4, especially Carbon Impact Analytics. This proprietary methodology allows financial organisations to measure the carbon footprint of their portfolio and assess the alignment with a 2°C-compatible scenario.

About Carbone 4

Founded by Alain Grandjean and Jean-Marc Jancovici in 2007, Carbone 4 is the reference consulting company specialized in climate strategy, energy transition, and adaptation to climate change. Our team assists companies and organisations in the transition to a low-carbon and resilient economy.

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