More than ever, going beyond short-term management is becoming a necessity in a world in the midst of physical, economic and regulatory upheavals induced by climate change and biodiversity decline. Our methodologies can be used to report on your investment and strategy both on climate transition risks, physical risks and biodiversity impact

Key features

Following TCFD , TNFD and Article 29 recommendations

By using our transition risk, physical risk and biodiversity impact databases.

Broad coverage and access to diversified type of indicators:

induced emissions and emissions savings, (scope 1,2,3), portfolio”s temperature alignement, physical risk score by sector and geography, aggregated metric for biodiversity footprint (static, dynamic, terrestrial, aquatic), best/worst contributors

Specific offer to help you on your reporting,

With the help of an analyst to prepare the data, to answer any questions you might have and to advise on the conclusion/story you can tell with the results.

Your needs

For Central and private Banks
Willing to report on different types of assets on climate and biodiversity.
For asset manager
Willing to have data and report in line with the latest regulations (sfdr, tcfs, art 29 in france)
For asset owner
Needing a very good coverage with qualitative data on all their investment to be able to report on it.

Track Record

Focus Article 29 reporting

In concrete terms, Article 29 requires financial actors to publish, on the one hand, the impacts of their portfolios on climate change and biodiversity loss (transition risk) and, on the other hand, the vulnerability of their portfolios to these two challenges (physical risks).

With its environmental expertise and knowledge of financial regulations, Carbon4 Finance is uniquely positioned to help financial actors assess and understand the impact of their portfolios on climate and biodiversity, as well as their risk exposure (the principle of double materiality).

Our analysts provide the necessary support and expertise to help understand the results, and to integrate the data into the Article 29 report.


Carbon4 Finance enables us to offer the first life insurance portfolios aligned with the Paris Agreement.
Joseph Choueifaty
The stakes are high: it is a question of bringing simplicity, clarity and transparency to the financial sector, which is today opaque and complex. With Carbon4 Finance, we wanted to meet this challenge.
Léo Garnier
General manager
We are excited that Carbon4 Finance and CDC Biodiversité have built this important database. It provides us a lay of the land of biodiversity impact across countries and sectors, as well as at the company-specific level. We are delighted to facilitate their entry into the United States.
Sudhir Roc-Sennett
Head of ESG and Thought Leadership

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