CSR commitments

At Carbone 4 and Carbon4 Finance, no one is here by chance. Our team is composed of passionate and enthusiastic individuals.

Our professional commitment reflects the individual commitment of each member of the team.

We are committed to implementing a series of actions in our premises to reduce our footprint, a process that we’re constantly improving.

We promote initiative-taking, autonomy and continuous training in the team.

Since we consider gender equality to be a fundamental issue, we implemented the Equality reference function 2019.


  • Zero paper policy
  • Travel policy: Navigo subway season pass taken in charge 100% – No vehicle fleet
  • Limited travel with the least emissive modes of transport chosen; air transport used only exceptionally
  • A policy of responsible purchasing is followed for coffee, tea, biscuits, chocolate, etc.
  • Boxes and bags are made available for lunches
  • Teleworking privileged
  • Vegetarian option for all meals
  • Signatory of the Paris Climate Action Charter

HR policy and parity

  • Employee loyalty:
    • 100% permanent employment contracts – recruitment of trainees
    • Multiculturally open
    • Staff incentive scheme
    • Female 40% – male 60% parity for the Carbone 4 Group (including Carbon4 Finance)
    • Nomination of Gender Equality delegates (2 delegates and 2 substitutes)

Quality of life at work

  • Autonomy, confidence and good will between the employees
  • Financed training courses offered to the teams: coaching, improvisation, trade negotiations, etc.
  • Jointly financed yoga courses
  • Teambuilding : séminaires collaboratifs mensuels et bi-annuels au vert pour favoriser la dynamique collective et enrichir l’expertise des salarié·es
  • Periods of team dialogue and knowledge sharing: the Tuesday Stimuli
  • Rest room for relaxation and naps


  • Carbon balance of Oasis for the Colibris movement: Comparison of the carbon footprint of an inhabitant of an eco-hamlet with an average French person
  • Climarathon 2015 during the COP21: 11 lectures given by our team on the theme “Climate, COP21 and energy transition” to 600 students
  • Carbon balance of an organic market gardener using animal traction
  • Support for the Carbon Color team of employees for the Oxfam Trailwalker 2019