Aligning finance for one planet – WWF

12 March 2020

The WWF published in November 2019 its report Aligning finance for one planet, which offers a conceptual framework in order to assess portfolio contributions to Science-Based Sustainability Targets.

The proposed framework suggests a structured approach to help financial regulators and institutions assess both (a) environmental impacts on financial portfolios, i.e. financial risks and (b) financial portfolios’ impacts on the environment*, which can be positive or negative.

The Aligning Finance for One Planet Framework brings together:
• Environmental indicators to evaluate investments’ sustainability levels in absolute terms
• Existing methodologies to assess the environmental impacts of financial portfolios

We are proud that Carbon Impact Analytics, Carbon4 Finance’s methodology to measure the carbon impact of portfolios, is identified for its three levels of assessment (asset, corporate and porfolio level), its application to any sector, and its capacity to include a 2°C scenario.

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