Biodiversity impact of portfolios

7 July 2021

Biodiversity Impact Analytics Database powered by the GBS® is an integrated impact database that provides an overall and integrated vision of the biodiversity footprint at the issuer and portfolio level, considering the full value chains of the underlying companies.

It is a portfolio-focused application of CDC Biodiversité’s Global Biodiversity Score® (GBS®) tool, and was developed in partnership with Carbon4 Finance, incorporating Carbon4’s financial and climate data as well as its portfolio analytics functionality. 10,000 assets (listed equities, corporate and sovereign bonds) are covered as of July 2021, including major indices such as the MSCI World Index and the S&P 500.

BIA-GBS®’s primary target users are FIs, particularly institutional investors. It aims to help users understand the biodiversity impacts of their listed investments, where they come from (sector, company, pressure, scope, location), and how they perform relative to benchmarks, in order to report their biodiversity impact or to integrate it into their investment decision process.

Biodiversity impacts for underlying assets are computed based on Carbon4 Finance’s financial and carbon data (available at the company level), combined with GBS®’s impact factors. BIA-GBS® leverages Carbon4 Finance’s existing physical risk database to evaluate monetary data (geographical and sectoral breakdown of the company’s activity) and carbon emissions data (GHG emissions for Scope 1, 2 and 3 reported or modelled based on a bottom-up approach).

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