About Us

6 March 2018

Strong expertise in energy transition issues for the financial sector

Carbon4 Finance is a spin-off company of the leading advisory firm Carbone 4 focused on providing climate data solutions to investors and lenders. Carbon4 Finance’s clients are asset managers, asset owners, banks and index providers that wish to report their climate performance or develop climate investment tools and policies based on custom data solutions.

Our team is composed of an IT developer and sector-based carbon data analysts with a strong understanding of low-carbon transition issues for the financial world. Our multidisciplinary and international nature ensures a comprehensive understanding of these issues.


With 100% of the capital held by its partners, Carbon4 Finance is an independent climate data supplier, with private and stable ownership.

Alain Grandjean, partner
Jean-Marc Jancovici, partner
Laurent Morel, partner


  • Alain Grandjean

    President and partner of Carbon4 Finance

    Alain Grandjean is the president of Carbon4 Finance and one of the founding partners of Carbone...

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  • Stefan Calaci

    IT manager

    Stefan is the IT Manager at Carbon4 Finance and leads the development of Carbon4 Finance's new tech...

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  • Nolwen Kazoum

    Carbon data analyst

    Nolwen joined Carbon4 Finance in November 2017 as a data analyst. Before joining Carbon4 Finance,...

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  • Chloé Pellerin

    carbon data analyst

    Chloé Pellerin works on a range of carbon issues, in particular related to carbon footprints. She...

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  • David Smith

    Carbon data analyst

    David joined Carbon4 Finance in May 2018. David holds British and French citizenships, and has a...

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  • Alexia Soyeux

    Marketing and Communication Manager

    Alexia joined Carbone 4 in November 2018 to develop the marketing and communication strategy of...

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  • Florent Steinmann

    Financial and Administrative Manager

    Florent has been part of the Carbone 4 Holding team since September 2018. He holds a strategic...

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  • Jane Stewart

    Senior carbon data analyst

    At Carbon4 Finance, Jane specializes in the application of the Carbon Impact Analytics (CIA) methodology...

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